Intro to Giant Steps

As you have come closer to the world of wines, you might have noticed a frequent distinction between New World and Old World wines. Is it only the geographical factor that distinguishes one from other? And is there more to it?

Some would say that the characteristics of the wines help determine whether they are from the Old World or from the New World. Old World wines are generally lighter in body, lower in alcohol and higher in acidity, while New World wines are fuller in body, higher in alcohol and lower in acidity. Such characteristics are merely for reference, and as you explore in the gigantic world of wines, you will find countless exceptions. 

Others think that the climate is another important indicator. New World wines are normally produced in hotter regions like the most famously known Napa Valley in California and Yarra Valley in Victoria, Australia. Again, there are exceptions. Italy is hands down a country with a warm climate throughout the year, but it is also considered an Old Word wine-making country. 

What really differentiates New World and Old World wines is the wine-making method. That is to say the Old World wine-making regions are where the wine-making methods were invented. On the other hand, in the New World wine-making regions, wine-making methods are learnt and later innovated. Of course, it is not saying that Old World wines lack innovation as many wine-makers in these regions constantly seek improvement in their wines with creativity. However, since New World wines are less bound by the traditions and long-established practices, a wider variety of styles can be expected in New World wines. 

Of course many wines from Burgundy, Bordeaux or Tuscany are wonderful, there’s no harm giving a shot to the New World wines with great potential and diversity.

When trying to pick wines that are both affordable and of excellent quality, it would be a good idea to look for the New World wines, and Australian wines are definitely among top of the list. Not long ago, China imposed a tariff on wines imported from Australia. Hong Kong, luckily unaffected by the policy, gets to import Australian wines at a fair price still. But with the large number of wineries in Australia, which one should we go after? 

If you are closely in touch with the Australian wine market, you must have heard about the acquisition of Giant Steps by the Jackson Family Wines. Giant Steps is one of the most notable brands in the Yarra Valley, one of the most prominent wine-making regions in Australia. The brand borrowed its name from an album of the famous jazz musician John Coltrane. Phil Sexton, founder of the winery, is a huge fan of jazz. He pays tribute to Coltrane in honour of his inspiration. With the excellent terroir and climate in Yarra Valley, Sexton has successfully developed wines of great purity and finesse. 

Giant Steps’ wines have made numerous appearances on the stage of world-class wine competitions. They are also highly rated by wine experts. For example, 2019 Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Yarra Valley Pinot Noir is described as “a perfumed and elegant wine with a fireworks display of red fruits“ and rated 98 points by James Halliday. Though also made from Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, you will find a whole different presentation of these grape varieties from Burgundy in Giant Steps wines. 

You can go to our website for more Giant Steps’ products. Take a sip of Giant Step and take a leap to the New World.

當你走入葡萄酒世界的時候,你可能經常發現到新世界(New World)和舊世界(Old Word)的葡萄酒有不同的地方。但在這兩種酒之間,難道只有地理上的差別?還是其實有更多的不同之處?


又有人覺得,氣候是另一個重要的指標。新世界的葡萄酒大多在較熱的地區生產,例如在美國加州最著名的納帕谷(Napa Valley)或澳洲維多利亞州的雅拉河谷(Yarra Valley)。不過,這些都是有例外的。例如意大利全年氣候溫暖,但仍被認為是舊世界的產酒國。




如果你對澳洲葡萄酒市場有所認識的話,你一定也有聽說過傑克遜家族葡萄酒公司(Jackson Family Wines)收購巨步酒莊(Giant Steps)的消息。巨步酒莊是在雅拉河谷(Yarra Valley)最著名的葡萄酒品牌之一,同時也是澳洲最著名的葡萄酒產區之一。巨步酒莊的命名是借鋻於知名爵士音樂家John Coltrane的專輯《Giant Steps》的名字。巨步酒莊的創辦人Phil Sexton是爵士樂的忠實粉絲。為了紀念Coltrane對爵士樂的啓發,他以酒莊的取名來向Coltrane致敬。Sexton憑藉雅拉河谷優良的風土和氣候,成功釀製出高純度和高品質的葡萄酒。

巨步酒莊曾在不同國際葡萄酒比賽舞台上多次亮相,而且葡萄酒專家也給予他們很高的評價。2019年的巨步酒莊艾坡傑克黑皮諾(Giant Steps Applejack Vineyard Yarra Valley Pinot Noir被譽爲「含有像煙火般的紅色漿果,散發著淡淡芬芳的美酒」,並得到James Halliday高達98分的評賞。儘管葡萄酒一樣也是用黑比諾和莎當妮葡萄釀製而成,但您會在勃艮第的巨步酒中找到與這些葡萄品種與眾不同的味道。

你可以到我們的網站瀏覽更多關於巨步酒莊的葡萄酒。喝一口Giant Steps,向新世界葡萄酒踏出一大步。